Convention Site

What you are looking at is the sight of the Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention. This building is called McAlexander Fieldhouse (Google Map). It is located on the campus of Oregon State University. It is a very big building.

The building has been renovated since our last two conventions (thus our delay in having our third event). You must now enter on the west side of the building.

The north end is still basketball courts, but is now a new ruberized-ish material that is becoming more common in use. I have not tested it for bounce juggling, but it seems suited for the unicycling.

The middle is now the new turf area. There is no food or drink on the turf area!

There is a rock wall present in the building, but it is strictly off limits to our event. The campus will be staffing the building during our event as well, and may ask you to leave if you do not comply with their extra rules.

The bathrooms have been moved to the south end next to a 'classroom' they built. There is a projector in there, and it has low ceilings, so perhaps we will play the videos from our previous conventions in there. More details about this space to follow. There are no showers on site anymore, but I am told we may have access to other showers on campus. More details to follow.

The ceilings are twice as high as the top of the basketball backboard, on the sides of the building. In the center it is much higher.

This facility will be open 24 hours so you can juggle all night!

This is also the location for the Renegade show on Friday, June 29, 2012.

Entry Doors (note, she is a bit over 6ft tall)
NOTE: the doors on the west side of the building are the only ones we can use for the event.. the east side are alarmed fire doors.

View inside scanning from left to right

inside view pt2

inside view pt3

inside view, pt4

the entry area

entry area pt2
The single-width doors and the turnstiles may prove difficult for vendors...

There are some fancy keyless lockers for our use

There is a full AV room for our use

...would be good for lectures and viewing juggling dvds...

The building is still rather large

The wall is off-limits to our function

...I'm not sure about the mats under them yet...(would be great for naps, imho)

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