The 2012 PNWJC Convention offers much for unicycle enthusiasts! One side of the newly renovated field house has 2 courts, and we’ll use them for lessons, open gym skill building, and hockey games. Join us for Unicycle workshops (equipment provided but please bring a helmet and sturdy shoes), including beginning and advanced unicycling riding skills. Please fill out this waiver prior to unicycling at our event. We will also offer several unicycle hockey scrimmages, and trail riding. Check back for more details as we finalize our plans, which include:

Hockey games. Most of these will be pick-up games and teams divided to even out skill levels. If you have a 5-person team and want to challenge the Corvallis Unicycle Hockey Team, by all means we are ready to take you on! Contact us to arrange game time.

Trail riding. On Saturday there will be a ride from the convention Fieldhouse to the Fairgrounds (car-pooling is an alternative for those who don’t want to ride 2 miles). At that point the group will take a trail ride around Bald Hill. All riding levels welcome.

For the hard-core trail riders, we have a great selection of difficult trails in the area. Contact us and we’ll set you up!

Lessons: we’ll offer beginning lessons, skill building, and open gym time for riding. If you have a specific request, let us know. We want to make this a memorable event!

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