Public Show

What: There will be featured performances from professional juggling and comedy acts as well as local acts.

When: Saturday June 30, 2012 at 7:00pm


LaSells-Stewart Center, Oregon State University
Located an easy half mile walk from the Fieldhouse
or you can tour the campus along the way using the Interactive Campus Map

Cost: FREE!! (all donations gladly accepted!)
This show will be free to the public on a first come, first serve basis (1200 seats).
Note: The 2007 PNWJC Public Show was held in Milam Hall Auditorium which seats 700, and it was filled to capacity. Our 2009 PNWJC filled about 1000 seats, and we expect even more to attend this year!

Booked Performers/Entertainers

Curtis Carlyle ~ Our show's emcee

Neon Ninja ~ David Sallee

David Van Pham ~ Juggler

Something Rediculous ~ Jugglers

Louie Foxx ~ The Bullwhip Guy

Since they started collaborating in 2010 Bri and Brian have been wowing audiences with their fun, high energy juggling acts. They are currently living and training at the Vulcan Studios in Oakland California where they try to find new ways to share their juggling with each other and with the world.Brian and Bri ~ Jugglers

Chris Comstock ~ MagicMan (with his very lovely assistant, Erin Comstock!)

Corvallis Throwing Department ~ Jugglers

Arete Juggling

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