Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Event program available!

Here is a link to the .pdf for our upcoming weekend! Do note, Google Docs does not display it properly, but if you download the original and view or print it on your computer, it should be just fine... Cheers! --Crizzly

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awesome Raffle

Radical Raffle opportunities await you at the Factory of Awesome!
Tickets are $1 each or 12 for $10.
Ever want a chance to pick up a set of Dube clubs for $1?  Here’s your opportunity.
Higgins Bros rings or freestyle footbag?  It’s waiting for you.
Renegade’s “Virtuosos of Juggling” book?  Why search your local library in vain when you can OWN it with the right ticket?
Feeling slighted because you missed out on your 2011 Joggling Championships shirt?  Oh are YOU in luck as we just happen to have one and it’s IN the RAFFLE!!!
These highlight just a tiny fraction of the awesome items we have available.
Plus, taking a tip from some of the more adventurous times in our electoral history, we’re employing the “Vote Early Vote Often” system.  You don’t even have to wait for us to be looking the other way to stuff the ticket jar.  We WELCOME such activities!
Come on in and see what awesome selection we have!  
David Sallee

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Final artwork for convention shirts!

This year's selection of shirts will include a mix of colors of short sleeve, long sleeve, organic cotton, and even a handful of women's cut shirts! Be certain to check out the available options early so you can snag the ones you want most before someone else does!

PS --
Like last time, there is a chance we can print some 2XL or larger sizes if desired... there will be limited colors and so on available. The usual rule of thumb for this is:
- find Crizzly before ~11am on saturday with your description of what is desired
- payment may be required in advance
- in theory, they can be printed up and be available for pickup sunday

Crizzly will have an update on if this will, in fact, be possible, and the limitations inherent at the time of the convention. :)

Current Workshop List

Here's what we have for the current list of Workshops.  See program and White Board at the Information Table while at the convention.

Friday, June 29th

6 pm - Open Slot for Workshop
7 pm - Intro to Cigar Boxes - David Pham
8 pm - 7 Club Passing Patterns - Crizzly

Saturday, June 30th

11 am - How to Spin a Ball - Bri
11 am - Beginning and Advanced Unicycling - Angela

12 pm - Magic with Everyday Objects - Chris Comstock
12 pm - Group Unicycle Trail Ride

1 pm - Beginners whip workshop - Louie Foxx

2 pm - Intro to Cigar Boxes - David Pham

3 pm - Rhythm, Siteswap Juggling with Music - Vernon Coffey
3 pm - Unicycle Hockey

4 pm - Open Slot for Workshop

Sunday, July 1st

11 am - 4 Ball Jam Session - David Sallee
11 am - Beginning and Advanced Unicycling - Angela

1 pm - 3 Clubs Plus Swinging! - Brian Thompson
1 pm - Unicycle Hockey

Monday, June 11, 2012

Registration Table Volunterring

Would you like the chance to buy a PNWJC Staff T-shirt at cost? That's the reward for volunteering at the registration table. We've got a lot of time slots to fill since the gym will be open for 48 hours straight--sign up for your favorite time(s) early!

Schedule sign-ups are taking place in this Doodle scheduling poll. We're looking forward to seeing your name there, and seeing your smiling face at the festival!